Digital Cinema Society February Update

Digital Cinema Society
February 10, 2014
Upcoming Digital Cinema Society Event
Everything ARRI – March 6th in Burbank
A Preview of the Latest from ARRI including New Amira Camera
The Digital Cinema Society will be treated to an update of the latest ARRI technology including a preview of the completely new ARRI Amira camera, refinements to the Alexa including new Recording and Anamorphic options, lenses, and several
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ShotOnWhat? Collects 4K DCP Information

We have now added the ability to collect 4K DCP information. This helps us track new releases in 4K.
Know of a movie shown as 4K DCP? Let us know! Update the Title, it is easy and Free!!
Elysium (2013) | ShotOnWhat? Technical Specifications.

One Website Lets You See What Cameras Your Favorite Films Were Shot On | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire

Here is a recent article at Indiewire about ShotOnWhat?
One Website Lets You See What Cameras Your Favorite Films Were Shot On | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire.

ShotOnWhat? Announces New Features for the Motion Picture and Television Production Industry

BURBANK, California (June 8, 2013) – The recent release of ShotOnWhat? beta .3 includes new features designed to enhance both the breadth and depth of information and the ease of use by contributors to this ever-growing compendium of information related to production and post-production aspects of filmmaking. ShotOnWhat? has added many new categories to the system, including Camera Rental,
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ShotOnWhat? Exciting New Features

ShotOnWhat? has just launched ‘Groups & Notes’. This exciting New Feature allows you to create a group, name it what you like (‘A’ Camera, Crash Camera, or as a ‘production process’, etc) and then drag any number of elements into that group.  Each individual item or the entire group of items can be annotated, essentially creating a footprint of how and
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ShotOnWhat? at NAB Show 2013

From Cameras to Cranes, Lenses to Lighting, ShotOnWhat? is the largest knowledgeBase for Motion Picture & Television Technology. Our goal is simple, to collect and record every piece of technical info for every title ever shown.
Check us out and see all the new additions
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be walking the show floor of NAB sharing the message
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Shooting on film…..the emulsion emotion.

The Emulsion Emotion.

Recently I have had the opportunity to shoot 2 projects on film after over more than a year of only digital projects. Much of that is due to the fact that I work a lot with stereoscopic 3D projects. Native 3D is almost exclusively the realm of digital capture.
It was a refreshing experience, the veteran
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LSTV GoMorgen Gadget torsdag d. 28. februar | Living Smart TV

LSTV GoMorgen Gadget torsdag d. 28. februar | Living Smart TV.


With a Little Help From My Friends — The Making of “1000 to 1”

Believe me, being a journeyman DP shooting indie pictures is a hard way to make a living, but it does have its rewards.  It can be much more than a job for hire if you are able to enjoy the contagious passion of your filmmaking collaborators.  I generally end up getting more involved than just shooting, pulled
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ShotOnWhat? – The Largest Technical Database for Film & Television Productions

BURBANK, Ca. February 19, 2013 — The latest tool to emerge for the Film & Television Industry is an ambitious one, a complete technical database that lists every element, process, piece of hardware, format, facility, etc. that is used on a project.
Making its debut late 2012, ShotOnWhat? is the fastest growing technical database for the industry and the
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